Memorial Ornaments.....

Memorial Ornaments.....

My friends, it has been a very hard 18 months.  Some of us have lost someone dear, some of us have lost several who were dear, some of us know someone who has lost someone.  Unfortunately, we do not need to search too far to find a soul who is hurting.

I myself have had several losses over the past 18 months and I know when I see certain things I think, well maybe they are with me...maybe they are watching over me...maybe....

I know that there are a lot of us who are grieving and I thought this new design might speak to all of us.

I will be creating two versions of this piece.  One with the dragonfly, and one with a Cardinal sitting on a branch.

I am not sure when these will become available, but if you are interested be in touch.

Meanwhile, I wish you well, and I hope that your journey or that of your friends or family members may be eased by the occasional shiny penny, or dragonfly, or cardinal, or.....




do you have a shop

Diana Henley

I lost my husband in July. I think these ornaments would help many people who are struggling with their grief. I especially like the cardinal idea. Let us know when you have them available. Thanks Candace.

Candace Henson

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