About Us

Potter Lori Langford, Owner of Big Dog Pots Pottery

Big Dog Pots Pottery is the creation of potter, Lori Langford.  Lori's journey into clay began after experiencing the sudden loss of her mother and best friend.  This loss was indeed life changing and sent Lori into a new direction in life. 

Pottery became a wonderful and creative outlet which allowed her to contribute to organizations and charities in the local community, to give back through creative expression, and to celebrate life.
Lori specializes in handmade functional pottery pieces. Her pieces are perfect for everyday use or for special days.  She creates one of a kind wedding gifts, dog bowls, and a variety of functional stoneware.  Items are available for viewing and purchase in our Online SHOP.

Many of our local benefactors are animal rescue groups located within Fauquier County, Virginia. 

Max and Daisy

Animals have always been a source of love, companionship and refuge for Lori and her family. They are blessed to have found a way to honor their animals, past and present, and bring everyday joy to people lives.

A Note From the Artist/Potter,
​ - Lori Langford -

Lori and Happy Max

I grew up spending many of my childhood summers in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia. There I was immersed in nature and connected to animals. As an adult, I have long had animals share my life. There is a deep affection, trust and acceptance that can be found in animals who know they are in the presence of a friend. Today, I make my home in rural Fauquier County, Virginia, not too far from where I spent my childhood summers.

Big Dog Pots Original Studio

My husband, Hugh, has been a source of tremendous support in my life, including my life as a potter.  Not only did he build our home, but when pottery became more than just a hobby for me, he also renovated an 1890's house and created a 5,000 square foot modern art studio.

​Today, although the Studio is now closed to the general public, we are here working and creating almost everyday.

​“The greatness of a nation, and its moral progress,
​can be judged by the way its animals are treated” 

In Memory of our Stanley Stanley The First Big Dog at Big Dog Pots

Stanley was the original "Big Dog." Stanley joined our family in 1986.  He was with us until he was just shy of 17 years of age.  He was our love and our joy.  He was our first baby.  Stanley was known as "Scootie" and "Mr. Personality!" He loved to "talk" to us, loved Doritos, LOVED to swim in the ocean and ride the waves to shore.  He cherished his walks and was never far from our side.  He was a dedicated protector, a loyal, loving and pure soul.

We miss him still and always will...


In Memory of our Ginger

Our lovely Ginger was lost to us in late November 2008.  She was a friend to all, stranger to none, and our loyal and loving companion.  

We wish her peaceful journeys...



 In Memory of our Billy

Billy had many nicknames including "Boo Boo" because he was easily scared by just about EVERYTHING.  He was a sweet soul, with VERY soft ears.  He had a rough start in his little life.  By the time we rescued him, he had already suffered in abusive situations.  Billy's life had a good ending.

​He knew love, he knew kindness, he felt safe and protected, and was part of our family.  When he left us in the Summer of 2010, we knew that Ginger, his best buddy, was waiting to help him take that last walk home..

Ginger and Billy were both rescues from the a no-kill shelter, located in Marshall, Virginia, and serving the Virginia Piedmont. 

We are thankful to Middleburg Humane for bringing these wonderful souls into our lives.

Please Rescue...